This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech

Firefox and Chrome are resolving AD-Blocker Extensions. The most privacy-preserving blocking techniques on network traffic will be used by extensions.

Co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z created a Bitcoin Academy to teach cryptocurrencies to the poor.

Papercup, a startup based in the U.K.  has raised $20 million for an AI-powered dubbing service for translating speech and expression into other languages. The funding will allow Papercup to reinforce its studying around expressive voices, expand into new languages.

ParkourSC has enhanced its supply chain digital twin technology line. Digitisation of more supply chain components into live behavioral models and sharing them across supply chain partners gets easier.

Identity and access management provider 4443ID announced it has emerged from stealth with $8 million in seed funding and an identity verification solution that uses open source intelligence (OSINT) to collect data signals to verify authorized users, while keeping unauthorized users at bay.

Synchronisation datasets across regions becomes easier. Backblaze, a data backup and cloud storage provider started a new “cloud replication” service.

A browser-based game has been already released by NASA. They intended to draw attention to Nancy Grace Telescope.

Apple stands for victims of domestic abuse. They represented Safety Check, an iPhone privacy feature.

Google stated that all the latest updates were made only by on-device machine learning. As a result user data doesn’t have to leave the device.

The European Parliament, the European Council, and member nations claimed a USB-C port to be a requirement on all smartphones and tablets  sold in the EU region by 2024.

Elon Musk is about to refuse from Twitter acquisition over spam bot data. The same suggestions were in May, but now the Tesla CEO has made his threat to pull out of the deal entirely official.

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