This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech

According to a White House memo, Tesla is up to you begin opening its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles by the end of the year.

A San Francisco-based startup, Coalition, that has both cyber insurance and proactive cybersecurity tools, is planning to expand outside of the U.S. for the first time following a mega $250 million Series F investment that takes its valuation to $5 billion.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed laying off 30% of its talent acquisition team, two months into a companywide hiring freeze.

Casper king Philip Krim is starting the insurance business.

Reddit is starting a new NFT-based avatar marketplace that gives you opportunity to buy blockchain-based profile pictures for a fixed rate. The company said that you don’t need a crypto wallet to buy them. The only thing you need is your credit or debit card.

Oasys, a Japan- and Singapore-based startup that’s dealing with building a blockchain for gaming developers, has just raised $20 million.

Pinterest claimed launching new merchant features, including product tagging on Pins and a Pinterest API for Shopping. All of the new functions are designed to simplify for merchants to engage users.

Apple claimed it will bring a new “Lockdown Mode” to its upcoming iPhone and Mac software that will switch off some functions aimed at helping targeted individuals fight government-grade spyware.

Voyager Digital, a high-profile crypto broker, has declared bankruptcy.

Toyota has reached the 200,000-unit cap on electric and plug-in-hybrid vehicles that are entitled for a federal tax credit of $7,500 mostly using its tax credit on plug-in hybrids.

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