This Week in Tech

  1. Netflix is finally launching its cloud gaming service, but it’s still only in beta.
  2. Google is planning to introduce a new Android feature that will allow users to sync different Android devices together.
  3. Meta is launching a new AI-powered tool that will be able to generate, complete, and validate code.
  4. Meta may introduce a paid subscription for Instagram and Facebook users.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may get an improved 200MP camera.
  6. The Crossroads supercomputer based on Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids was launched at the Los Alamos Laboratory.
  7. The Pentagon has launched an official website for reporting UFOs.
  8. OpenAI will hold its first developer conference on November 6.
  9. YouTube is changing the way ads are shown on TV. The main change viewers will see going forward is a redesigned ad design that makes it clear how much time is left before the ad ends or before the ad can be manually skipped by the user. The redesign goes from a small gray square to a round timer.
  10. Apple spends “millions of dollars a day” on AI training.

That’s this week in tech!

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