This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech

1. Samsung released The Frame TV – Disney100 Edition for Disney’s centenary. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Disney company, Samsung presented a special edition of The Frame TV – Disney100 Edition. This unique TV features a Mickey Mouse-style remote control and 100 exclusive digital artworks from the Disney collection.

2. Apple may replace leather covers with fabric for the iPhone 15.

3. OpenAI announced ChatGPT Enterprise with unlimited access to GPT-4.

4. Dolby announced the Atmos FlexConnect technology, which combines built-in TV speakers with wireless speakers.

5. Apple’s new iPad Pro will have a 3nm M3 chip and an OLED display.

6. The French company Frankie Zapata presented the concept of a single-seater flying “scooter” – Zapata Airscooter at an exhibition in Paris. A pilot’s license will not be required to operate this lightest aircraft, which can make it interesting for a wide range of enthusiasts. The hybrid power plant promises to keep it in the air for up to two hours, allowing it to cover up to 200 km on a full tank.

7. Google is testing a feature that will allow Chrome to read web pages aloud.

8. A cornea-thick battery for smart contact lenses has been created.

9. Google is testing a new way to find songs on YouTube: just hum them.

10. Microsoft officially stops production of Kinect.

That’s this week in tech!

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