This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech

1. Apple has greatly reduced the release of the Vision Pro helmet. Apple has been forced to significantly reduce the production plan of the Vision Pro mixed reality helmet due to the complexity of its design and production.
2. Stories will appear on Telegram.
3. Swiss scientists proposed to make the Internet laser-like
4. NASA is creating an analog of ChatGPT for astronauts. The task of artificial intelligence in space will be to support the operation of devices and help in the elimination of breakdowns to which specialists do not have access.
5. For the first time in the world. An Oregon radio station uses artificial intelligence as a DJ.
6. Meta will launch its Twitter rival this week — after Elon Musk’s social network introduced limits on post views.
7. Stability AI CEO Emad Mostak talked about his vision for the future in an interview with Peter H. Diamandis for the Moonshots and Mindsets podcast.

Mostak concluded that the future for human coders does not look too bright, and provided evidence for his claim.

“GitHub data shows that 41% of all code is now generated by AI,” noted Mostak. “That’s why there will be no human programmers in five years.”
8.Binance Academy Announces Partnership With Coursera Bridging Blockchain Education Worldwide
9. The release of the Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED screen has been postponed to 2026.
10. James Webb’s telescope discovered the result of the collision of two galaxies.

That’s this week in tech!

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